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Tim E. Schilens

Pen and Ink/Watercolor

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The Q Gallery

Instagram - @T.Schilens_art

About Tim - 

I have been interested in pen and ink since the late '70s. Being very active through high school in the art dept. and I continued after graduation in the private sector as an in house artist with a silkscreen operation for almost a decade. I created many pen and ink only pieces, from the late '70s thru the mid '90s. Over the years I've have had my hand in numerous special event posters, magazine covers and calendars. Lately I have been looking at the use of mixed media as well as expanding my interests in watercolor, colored pencil and chalk pastels.
From my earlier works of just pen and ink with cactus as the subject, it let me see the beauty and the beast. Yet I didn't really exploit that meaning until thought of how to emphasize the the beauty aspect. I have taken hundreds of photos of cactus plants and flowers over the years and always amazed at the beauty of the flower coming from a beast of a plant that had it's own beauty in it's symmetry. So I opted to get technical with the main plant in pen and ink, then add a burst of color with the flower using watercolor. The result has been better than I expected and it opens up other opportunities where I see color as a burst of beauty.

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