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Steve Bonds

Prairie Wind Art & Silver


Contact me:

Text to  308-631-5537  

Find my art at:

Facebook - Prairie Wind Art & Silver

Havasu Art Trail 2023

Havasu Art Trail 2022

About Steve - 

Since 1988, Steve has been creating his original silverworks.  His style includes western, southwestern, contemporary, and more.  He is known for his intricate, time consuming detailing; especially in his warrior and mythical southwest animals.  

Most of Steve's work is done on consignment.  Clients have the option of designing their own individual jewelry pieces or by simply evoking an idea from him to work from.  His jewelry has been sent to many different countries. 

These original creations are made individually by soldering these hand-cut silver pieces together, rather than mass casting used by most jewelers.  This makes his creations unique individual works of art.

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