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Jan Klatt

The Desert Rezinista

Resin Art Works

Contact me:

928 380-5885

Find my art at:

Instagram - @desertrezinista

Havasu Art Trail 2022

Havasu Art Trail 2023

About Jan - 

In my new-found retirement, partly due to COVID-19, I discovered resin in all its inglorious and glorious states! Resin is a moving medium that keeps on moving even after you have created your design. In this respect it is always a “surprise” when you unfold the piece 24 hours later!
Since starting I have gained new skills and techniques with resin from a worldwide community of resin artists. What starts out as the "A" design gets wiped out by each new layer and what results 12-24 hours later is not the "B" design or even the "C" but often more like the "M" "Q" or "X" result! But that is the fun and the beauty of this medium. Now my designs are not only colorful but create scenic views, capture flowers in their full and luscious bloom, or bowls and charcuterie boards with designs that truly fascinate the eyes! 

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