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Fred Hahn

Hav Art

Digital Art and Photography printed on metal, canvas, ceramic tiles, paper, fabric, etc.

Contact me: 

phone: 928-302-1799

Find my art at:

Havasu Art Guild events

RU Gallery 

Kitchen & Bath Concepts

Havasu Art Trail 2023

Havasu Art Trail 2022

About Fred - 

I strive to make my artwork project my feelings and imagination rather than what I physically see.  Reality is over-rated.  

Trained as an oil painter, I traded my brushes for a computer stylus when in 1988 I stumbled upon a program called “ImagePro”which later was marketed as “Photoshop.” With the computer, I have been able to create images that far exceeded my talents as a painter or photographer. Digital art has provided me with a platform where I can lose myself while forever learning and experimenting.  Some examples of this experimentation are my “Hidden Images” works. Playing with human perception, Imade paintings that might look like an abstract garden, but at a distance, show the image of a cat or girl.  It took over a month of solid work to develop this technique and I’m still working on improving it.

I also love to create abstract images using flame fractal apps.  It is amazing to see what colorful abstractions can be created directly from mathematical equations. Yes, I am a nerd.

My award-winning artwork has been displayed in the Laguna Art Museum, San Bernardino Art Museum, the Catalina Island Casino Art Gallery, and various art galleries in Arizona and California.

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