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Elizabeth Tidwell

Mermaid Glass LHC

Medium: Stained Glass

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Havasu Art Trail 2023

shows around Lake Havasu 

About Beth - 

I love to create beautiful things and started my artistic journey in high school focusing on pencil, charcoal, and ink sketches. I’ve always loved all forms of art and things inspired by this beautiful world we live in. In the 1980’s my parents got involved in creating stained glass &my mom taught me this beautiful art form  I love using the unique colors & textures of stained glass to create beautiful works of art.  In the early 90’s I had to give up working on glass to focus on raising my family but after many years away was able to retire early and had the opportunity to make several large custom windows for my own home and as well as a couple of large commission windows for others and doing so reminded me just how much I’d missed working with this special art form.  Once I was finally settled in my new retirement home here in 2018, I slowly started setting up a new glass studio and after seeing just how many fantastic artists lived in our wonderful community, I was inspired to start making custom pieces and sharing my love for this unique craft.  Art in all its forms give me joy and inspiration in life and while stained glass isn’t my only interest, it’s the one that give me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that many of the special pieces I’ve created will live in and give others joy long after I’m gone.

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